1965. The ‘FRATELLI DOZIO SDF’ company was established after acquiring machinery from a local firm.
The business initially transformed metals and plastics into a variety of products, but soon specialized in the production of curtain rails. Thanks in part to the country’s economic development during those years, demand for the company’s products grew rapidly and soon therewhere clients throughout the whole of Italy. In the early 80’s, it became necessary to construct new factory space in order to increase production.
By the 90’s the next generation was helping develop the business further. New products where developed, the factory was estended again and the company began trading internationally. In 2003, the firm set out with new found enthusiasm and energy as the sons took leadership of the firm. Additional machinery was purchased, new employed were employed and International trade thrived.
The company, looking confidently to the future, goes from strength to strength by putting its knowledge and skills at their clients disposal. With determination, commitment, and tenacity, we have come a long way and with these principles at heart, we will go further still.